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Wedding Photography

You have spent your whole life fantasising about it and a year or so preparing for it. When the day dawns you spend all morning getting ready for it. The build-up and the anticipation is palpable. Then, the moment arrives. You walk in with your heart fluttering and you see each other for the first time on this most special of days. Blood rushes to your head and intense emotions whirl around and, in that instant, I press the shutter button. I capture those precious feelings bubbling to the surface…saved forever. Saved for you to enjoy, relive and savour over and over again for the rest of your lives.
Your wedding photos should tell a story that really speaks to you. They should make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry. They should transport you back to that split second when the photograph was taken bringing the memories

flooding back. A beautiful and evocative reminder of your wonderful and remarkable wedding day. It is for this reason alone that I work the way I do. I seek out the light, compelling compositions and interesting backgrounds. Above all else, I am looking for that moment. The uncontrollable, spontaneous laughter you only get when you are with old friends; when it finally becomes too much for Mum and she reaches for a tissue; the look on Dad’s face as he places his daughter’s hand into another man’s hand or that feeling of pride when you pull off that first dance move you’ve been practising for months! I will be there, always silently observing, unobtrusively waiting for thatperfect moment.
I am Duncan Cox. I am a husband. I am a father. I live in Pershore and I am a reportage wedding photographer in Worcestershire. I am extremely happy
and know how fortunate I am to be doing what I love best as my job. A job that has taken me far and wide and high and low. I have met so many interesting and exciting people. I am forever grateful to those who have taken that leap of faith and trusted me with their precious wedding photographs. I have an incredible passion for my art and, as you can see from my portfolio, my documentary wedding photography is timeless but contemporary, powerful but delicate, emotional but sympathetic. Beautiful light drives me. Capturing those fleeting moments fire my imagination. It is seeing the sheer pleasure on the faces of my happy customers that keep me pushing forward and aiming ever higher.
I am a wedding photographer and I love my job!

I am absolutely over the moon with our wedding photos! Duncan was so professional, efficient & approachable, with the right balance of kindness. he put both of us at ease from the word go, there was no awkwardness, it was as comfortable as talking to old friends. He worked his magic & translated the whole day into perfectly picked moments. We barely noticed Duncan was there, he blended in with the guests & clicked away! I was sad he had to say goodbye! Duncan, thank you for everything, words can’t describe how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for us. You smashed through our expectations & delivered what I can only describe as a breathtaking peek of the day.

Sheila & Andy

Recent Weddings

Spend some time and enjoy some of my more recent work. Viewing mine, or any other wedding photographers blog, will give you a much greater understanding of what they are of capable of and not just the greatest hits you see in the portfolio. For this reason, I choose to show a good amount of photos from a wedding day, which also helps tell the full story too.

The Mill Barns Wedding Photography
Bridgnorth Reportage Wedding Photography Shropshire The Mill Barns Wedding Photography 
Captivating wedding photography at The Mill Barns in Shropshire
19th July 2023 by Duncan Cox 

Wedding Photography at The Mill Barns in Shropshire This marked my inaugural foray into the realm of wedding...

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Mickleton Hills Farm Wedding Photography
Chipping Campden Gloucestershire Weddings Mickleton Hills Farm Wedding Photography 
Gorgeous Gloucestershire Wedding Photography Mickleton Hills Farm
19th January 2023 by Duncan Cox 

Mickleton Hills Farm Wedding Photography  On the morning of the wedding at Mickleton Hills Farm,...

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Hannah & Tom - Ettington Park
Gloucester Gloucestershire Weddings Hybrid Wedding Photographer Pauntley Court Wedding Photography 
Stunning Hybrid Wedding Photography at Pauntley Court in Gloucestershire
11th January 2023 by Duncan Cox 

Pauntley Court Wedding Photography I first visited Pauntley Court, in Gloucestershire, for an initial...

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Old Gore by Yard Space Wedding Photography Gloucestershire
Cirencester Cotswolds Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire Weddings Old Gore by Yard Space Wedding Photography 
Beautiful spring Gloucestershire wedding photography at Old Gore by Yard Space
3rd January 2023 by Duncan Cox 

Wedding Photography at Old Gore by Yard Space This was my very first time photographing a wedding at Old Gore...

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Worcestershire Wedding Photographer
Fujifilm Gloucestershire Weddings Herefordshire Warwickshire Weddings Wedding Photography Worcestershire Weddings 
My Best Wedding Photography of 2022
31st December 2022 by Duncan Cox 

Best Wedding Photography from 2022 Well, there goes another year. One more year in the wedding industry...

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Crumplebury wedding photography
Crumplebury Worcester Worcestershire Wedding Photographer Worcestershire Weddings 
Classy Crumplebury wedding photography in the Worcestershire countryside
16th June 2022 by Duncan Cox 

Crumplebury Wedding Photography I have been looking forward to getting the opportunity for me to add some...

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My Approach to Wedding Photography

My style of photography is known as Reportage Wedding Photography or Documentary Wedding Photography. Whatever you call it, it is in essence, observing your wedding with a sympathetic eye, with empathy and with the knowledge and skill to be in the right position and knowing the correct moment to take the shot. Like a fly on the wall with lightning fast reactions, these moments will be expertly immortalised forever. I use natural or available light photography to achieve the look that has become synonymous with my style. Whether it be a dimly lit church or a bright and sunny outdoor location I will use the light available to my advantage in order to capture your wedding day beautifully. Working without flash allows me to preserve the ambience you have thoughtfully created for your special day. The use of camera flash often kills the atmosphere of a photograph and can spoil the mood of your wedding party. It constantly highlights to your guests that they are being photographed. My aim is to leave as small a footprint on your wedding day as possible. Your aim is to forget that I am there and have the time of your life.
Later on, if I can steal you both away for twenty mins or so, we can have a portrait session where we can capture dramatic, breathtaking photographs you will want to have printed BIG above your mantelpiece for all the world to see.
I am a kind person so for all those who are intimidated by this type of shoot I will be there to guide you through. For those who look forward to the portrait session most, I will give you what you need to soar.

Worcestershire Wedding Photographers

Living in Pershore makes me, by default, a Worcestershire Wedding Photographer. Worcestershire, for me, is an extremely picturesque place to live. With stunning landscapes, sleepy towns, tall hills and winding rivers, I couldn’t be happier living here. Also, I am exceptionally fortunate to have such amazing wedding venues right here on my doorstep. From the historic Stanbrook Abbey, Birtsmorton Court, Wood Norton (to name a few), to the more rustic, stylish venues like Curradine Barns, Deer Park Hall, Redhouse Barn and Crumplebury.
If you are searching for a Worcestershire Wedding Photographer, look no further.

Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

As a Gloucestershire wedding photographer in the Cotswolds, I feel truly spoiled by the vast array of wonderful stone venues in our area. Lapstone Barn is a very pretty example of this. Set amongst fields in every direction, wedding photography in summer here is breathtaking. Similarly, Old Gore by Yard Space is an amazing Cotswold stone barn, beautifully renovated and a VERY cool place to get married. Or if you like a more traditional venue for your wedding, there is the positively breathtaking Dumbleton Hall Hotel, set in the middle of nowhere. You will be sold on the drive up to the front door. Lastly, Manor by the Lake is a hidden gem on the edge of Cheltenham. This venue has so much character, charm and plenty of history. 

Glouscestershire Wedding Photographers

Herefordshire Wedding Photographer

Herefordshire Wedding Photography

For me, wedding photography in Herefordshire means beautiful countryside, rural charm, rolling hills and an alluring rustic aesthetic. The range of wedding venues on offer is pretty much second to none. From the several Castles and stately homes to Farms and Barns, there is something for everyone. 
To list a few of my favourite Herefordshire wedding venues, there is Lyde Court, because of how unique it is. It is a little unpolished here and there, but for me, this is what it is all about. This is why you go there. I would say similarly with The Cider Barn, Pembridge. You approach The Cider Barn down a single-track road and a wonderful orchard opens up to you on the left. It is amazing! Homme House is jaw-dropping as you drive up, but I loved the wild flower garden out the back most of all. The wedding I photographed at Flanesford Priory, near Ross-on-Wye, was so much fun!

Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Warwickshire is a stunning part of the world to be married. Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon are only a few of the beautiful, historic towns that give Warwickshire a certain feel that no other county can give you. I have a few favourite venues in Warwickshire, one of them being the wonderful Wethele Manor, which is always a joy to visit mainly because of the great atmosphere it creates. Another one of my most favourite venues for wedding photography in Warwickshire is Ettington Park Hotel. It is a truly gorgeous gothic building set amongst an ancient woodland with deer roaming free. I love it! 
There are too many venues to list but being a Warwickshire Wedding Photographer, I am spoilt for choice. If you are looking for a venue, I am always happy to help.

Warwickshire Wedding Photographer

West Midlands Wedding Photographer

West Midlands Wedding Photographers

When I think of being a West Midlands Wedding Photographer I immediately think of the super cool Urban Wedding Photography I have done in the past in Birmingham. With limitless possibilities in an urban environment, my creative juices are pumping full speed. To make something that is usually unappealing to something interesting and beautiful to look at fascinates me and really drives me on.
However, the West Midlands is not all about the urban sprawl. Hampton Manor is a simply stunning, hidden gem set amongst some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the Midlands.

Reportage Wedding Photography

I prefer to think of myself as a storyteller. Through my photos, I will illustrate your wedding, without getting involved or changing anything. As a silent observer, I wait in the wings for those precious moments to present themselves. I am a warm-hearted man with a strong sense of empathy. This affords me an ability to read a situation from afar and almost predict when emotions will bubble up to the surface.
Reportage Wedding Photography or Documentary Wedding Photography, however you wish to refer to it, this is my passion. This is what floats my boat!

Reportage Wedding Photographer

Since moving from Warwickshire to Pershore, Worcestershire in 2014, my catchment area changed along with it. As a result, I consider myself to be a Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer and a Herefordshire Wedding Photographer as well. You will find a few blogs in my Recent Wedding section about weddings in these countiesif you are interested. If you are a bride or groom from Herefordshire, Gloucestershire or indeed anywhere in the UK, or even the world, please do not be put off. I am always happy to shoot anywhere. I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. If you are interested, why not drop me an email.